Top 3 CrossFit Diets for CrossFit Athletes

It’s not possible to exercise and be in great physical shape without a good diet to accompany your other efforts. A good diet enhances the rate at which you get the desired results. A good diet does wonders for your health. When Greg Glassman developed the fitness regime known as CrossFit several decades ago, he never said that it would be possible to indulge in this form of training and experience wonderful results without a good diet. CrossFit training is physically intense – perhaps more than any other type of training. CrossFit refers to a philosophy that revolves around training people to improve their well-being plus cardiovascular fitness through hardcore exercises. The high-intensity exercises need good and healthy diets.

crossfit diet

What is a crossfit diet?

As previously stated, it is impossible to get far as a CrossFit athlete if you keep ignoring your CrossFit diet. What you put in your body is just as important as the training you take it through every day. While diet is important, it would be unwise of you to strike off several foods from your menu or weigh each food you wish to prepare or eat. What you need to know about the CrossFit diet is that you need foods that provide you with plenty of calories; consume foods that are from quality sources; and, eat foods that stabilize your blood sugar levels. Without proper diet, you would be unable to improve your performance as a CrossFit athlete.

What to look for

It is important that you know what to look for in a CrossFit diet. It would be unwise to begin eating whatever is on the table without considering the fact that you are training as a CrossFit athlete. As previously stated, your diet should be free of sugar. The diet should give you enough calories. The food you consume should be from quality and safe sources. Training as a CrossFit athlete is capable of transforming your lifestyle permanently. The food you eat gives you the fuel needed to power through your workouts. For the most part, most CrossFit athletes embrace the Paleo diet strictly. Nonetheless, the diet you begin following should have these components:

  1. 40 percent carbohydrates
  2. 30 percent protein
  3. 30 percent fat

Processed foods should not find a way to your daily diet. Keep off high-glycemic carbohydrates as much as possible if you expect the diet to give you the much-needed fuel for powering through your CrossFit training. In fact, the diet should consist of lean proteins, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and whole foods. The best sources of carbohydrates are fruits, starches, rice, and potatoes. Obtain your daily protein from animal products. As for healthy fats, your attention should be on sources such as olive oil, coconut, and fish. Remember to eat fresh foods only if the CrossFit diet is to help you accomplish your goals as a CrossFit athlete.


Below is a list of three of the top CrossFit diets worth introducing in your life while training as a CrossFit athlete. The list contains names of diets that have gone through extensive research. These diets are tried, tested and proven. The names appearing here are of diets that are not a fad. These diets involve making lifestyle changes and keeping a close eye on what you eat or drink before, during or after each CrossFit training session. The names appearing on the list are not based on availability or affordability of each ingredient and component. Here are the diets you should embrace:

3) Fat Burning Meal Club


This remains the best CrossFit diet for any CrossFit athlete who desires to shed excess fat. By combining this diet with regular CrossFit training, the athlete would have little trouble shedding between 10-20 pounds of fat. This diet is great because of many reasons. First, it saves you from counting how many calories you consume in each meal. Second, it does not ask you to starve yourself. Third, it eradicates reliance on unhealthy foods or diets. This diet involves cooking and eating tasty whole food recipes, which are highly effective at burning fat. Furthermore, it only takes a short time to prepare the recipes and eat the foods to fuel your body.

2) Anabolic Cooking


This diet is highly effective at muscle building. It helps the CrossFit athlete to prepare tasty yet nutritious meals. It banishes the idea that healthy meals must have bland tastes. Traditionally, foods for bodybuilding often became boring. They were tasteless and unsightly. Through Anabolic Cooking, CrossFit athletes are now guaranteed tasty meals to help them build massive and strong muscles. This product introduces you to the secrets of selecting, preparing and cooking meals that are perfect for bodybuilding as part of CrossFit training. The book contains more than 200 recipes for cooking healthy meals to help you achieve your bodybuilding goals.

1) Paleo Cookbook


This is yet one more cookbook that introduces CrossFit athletes to some of the healthiest and tastiest CrossFit diets. Nikki Young authored this cookbook. The cookbook introduces athletes to delicious Paleo recipes that are perfect for improving performance in CrossFit training. The diet it introduces athletes to is perfect for increasing energy levels, a creating clearer and smoother skin, achieving weight loss goals and building stronger immune system. The cookbook encourages CrossFit athletes to embrace a diet that includes low GI carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins each organ in the body needs to remain healthy.