The Best Post Workout Supplements 2016 Review

A good workout involves more than sweating and running out of breath. It also involves spending time away from the gym or training field to rest. A good rest gives the body everything it needs to recover well. This is what you get through the best post workout supplements. The supplements improve the rate at which the body (including muscles) recovers after each workout. In addition to this, the body needs plenty of fuel to support protein synthesis. By taking the supplements as required, you will not have to spend too much time recovering. The supplements enable you to recover fast and be ready for the next training session.

What are post workout sups?

Post workout supplements are necessary for adding fluids to the body. They also help the athlete avoid dehydration. Intense workouts can cause dehydration. During an intense workout, an athlete is capable of losing up to 3 liters of fluids per hour. Without these supplements, the muscles will tire quickly, thus increasing the athlete’s likelihood of suffering leg cramp. Failure to take the supplements after your workout could cause heat exhaustion. Furthermore, good post workout supplements provide copious amounts of carbohydrates and proteins that the body needs to create the fuel required for protein synthesis. Good supplements limit protein breakdown too.

What to look for

The market is full of different types of post-workout supplements. This explains why many athletes are not only spoilt for choice but also do not have any idea on how to choose the best post workout supplements. Knowing what to look for is just as important as taking the supplements as prescribed after the workout. It is wrong to depend entirely on what the salesman tells you. Choosing the best supplements for workout depends on your ability to identify their content. A good post workout supplement has enough of the ingredients mentioned in the list appearing below:

  1. Protein powder
  2. Multivitamin
  3. Fish oil
  4. Creatine
  5. BCAAs


The names that appear in this review were picked after thorough testing and evaluation of the post workout supplements. The pricing component should not be an issue or act as a hindrance. After all, any supplement that stands out from the rest of the ingredients and results is likely to cost more. Nonetheless, this does not insinuate that you have to spend an arm and a leg to acquire and use these supplements. It’s worth mentioning that each supplement achieves a specific goal. Some of them are, therefore, likely to help you achieve your goals faster. The best supplements for post workout are as follows:

5) Re-Bld

Re-Bld is produced by Evlution Nutrition. It is ideal for rebuilding muscles and enhancing rapid recovery after each workout. Furthermore, it enhances strength while increasing endurance post-workout. This supplement is the best for individuals who hold nothing back when training. This supplement is perfect for you if you desire to train tomorrow just as hard as you did today. It gives everything needed to dominate each workout session. It gives you the edge needed to take your workout and body to the next level. The supplement has a candy-like taste, thus making it easier to consume when you plan to train hard the next day without any hint of soreness.

4) MHP Dark Matter

This post workout supplement is renowned as a hyper-anabolic muscle growth accelerator. Simply put, it accelerates the speed at which muscles recover and grow after each workout. On top of this, it stimulates protein synthesis and muscle building.  The body has no problem absorbing this supplement. In fact, the body absorbs it faster than it does Whey. It maximizes the uptake of Creatine. What is more, this supplement has proved highly effective for post workout primarily because of its accomplishment in replenishing the glycogen that the body needs to recover, grow and be stronger after each workout.

3) MusclePharm BCAA 3:1:2

BCAA 3:1:2 is the product of the fabled MusclePharm, which is renowned for making quality products. Each serving gives the athlete 3gms of L-Leucine, 2gms of L-Valine and 1gm of L-Isoleucine. Not only is the supplement effective at increasing lean body mass, but also aiding fat loss. It remains one of the most effective supplements at fueling muscle development. This supplement is for individuals who like pushing their bodies to the limit during each workout session. It ensures that the body does not stop functioning properly during intense workouts. The supplement gives the body exactly what it needs post workout.

2) Essential AminO Energy

Essential AminO Energy is the product of Optimum Nutrition. Each serving gives the athlete ten calories, which is more than what the body needs for post workout recovery. This supplement does not interfere with the athlete’s diet. The presence of amino acids in this supplement is crucial for building muscles. What is more, the supplement improves your energy levels while making it easier for you to focus on post workout recovery. It supports your recovery before and during each workout as well. The supplement mixes easily with water to produce one of the best post workout drinks. Take it if you wish to train harder for a prolonged period.

1) Alpha Amino

Cellucor produces Alpha Amino. Whenever you take this supplement, be ready to see a huge increase in your endurance levels. Muscle soreness will never trouble or render you unable to train vigorously ever again, as long as you take Alpha Amino. The supplement will help your muscles to grow at an impressive rate. Consuming this supplement will save you from complaining about muscle breakdown. It gives you the ultimate performance in addition to improving hydration in your body. It enhances the rate at which your body recovers after each training session. It promotes a healthy balance of fluids in your body.

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