Best Casein Protein Powder of 2016

How much power, endurance, and strength can your muscles retain? Ideally, this should be one of the questions you ask during exercise. The answer to this question will prove whether you need to do something extra, or not. There are several things you can do to give your muscles the best chance of retaining everything you have put into them during your workout sessions. One of these is to identify the best Casein protein. It’s just one of the many types of proteins that are mentioned a lot these days. Nonetheless, what it does for your muscles make this type of protein mandatory if you’re really interested in getting the most out of your exercises.

What is it Casein Protein Powder?

As you probably know by now, no two proteins are the same. Casein protein is in powdery form. No matter how much time and effort you’re putting into working out or into the food you eat, you always need a bit of help from quality protein. It provides your blood with a steady supply of the much-needed amino acids for several hours. The best time to take this protein is right before you go to bed. It is a dairy protein. It is responsible for around 80 percent of the protein that is found in a cow’s milk. It slows down the rate at which the gastric system empties itself. Casein protein is the best supplement to take when you plan to go much longer without refueling.

What to look for

Casein protein is rich in Calcium. Therefore, you should use it when your body needs enough Calcium. Secondly, this protein comes in different types. The protein is safe to consume. Next, the protein is a great product to consume when you need to lose some weight. It helps individuals who desire to retain their muscle mass during each dieting cycle. It’s one of the most effective sources of protein for promoting satiety. Casein protein comes from the same source as Whey protein. The only difference between the two is casein is a powder while whey is a liquid. It’s available in milk, yogurt, cream, cheese and in fish such as tuna.


This review will help you choose the best casein protein. The market is full of different types; hence, the attention you must pay to choose the one that gives you optimal benefits. It provides the muscles with the nutrition they need at night. The names that find themselves in this review are here because of their effectiveness at giving the body what it needs. Pricing also comes into the equation. However, it’s not advisable to base your choice of the best products purely on pricing. It’s not easy to figure out the best products without the input of experts who have tried, tested and proved them first. So, here are the best types of casein protein.

5) Protein Chocolate Supreme

It possesses anti-catabolic proteins for protecting your muscles. As a slow digesting protein, you can be sure that it will benefit your body throughout the day. It takes twice as much time to break down as Whey protein into various sub-components of amino acids. When talking about protein digestion rate, there are times when slower is better. This product gives you delayed released of protein in different parts of your body throughout the day. Each scoop provides you with around 5gms of natural BCAAs and a similar amount of natural Glutamic Acid as well as Glutamine.

4) MuscleTech Platinum

Each scoop of this powder gives you casein protein in the purest form you can ever find. Each scoop gives you around 24gms of protein in addition to 4gms of Glutamine and 5.2gms of BCAAs. As long as you consume it daily and in a prescribed manner, you should notice a 34 percent reduction in muscle breakdown in your body. The concentration of protein that you get from each scoop of this product is higher than what its competition gives you. Compared to its competition, MuscleTech Platinum gives you better value for money and tastes better. One of the product’s main features is the fact that it mixes instantly.

3) Dymatize Elite Casein

This casein protein is the product of Dymatize Nutrition, who makes it only from sources of protein – PDCAAS – that have a perfect score of 1.0 or higher. Each serving gives you 24gms of Casein protein. The protein’s maker designed it specifically for slow digestion. In fact, compared to other protein sources such as Whey, Dymatize Elite Casein digests more slowly than the rest. The fact that it is a low-carb source of protein makes it attractive to individuals who desire to lose weight. This Casein protein isn’t ideal for individuals who desire to bulk up. It lacks the gritty taste that is associated with other protein types; thus enjoyable to take.

2) Platinum Tri-Celle Casein

This is yet another product from Optimum Nutrition. It’s made using the advanced MicelleXL technology. Each serving gives you 30gms of Casein protein. It’s ideal for post-workout recovery primarily because of one of its ingredients – L-theanine. It should be taken in between meals and just before going to bed mainly because of the lasting delivery of amino acids that it provides. It’s the pinnacle of any slow-digesting Casein protein that you can find on the market today. Its super-sized molecules are part of the ultra thick gel that the body needs several hours to break down. It’s easy to mix, highly versatile and has an exceptional taste.

1) Combat Casein Supplement

This Casein protein is from Muscle Pharm. It ranks top because of being one of the few types of protein that are gluten free. It is the ideal source of protein you need at night. Each serving provides you with 28gms of Casein protein. It comes packed with an additional blend of digestive enzyme. The product not only tastes good, but also mixes quite decently. It is available in two main sizes of containers – 2lb and 4lb. Furthermore, the fact that it is available in different flavors is great news for people who need variety. The flavors in question are Cookies n Cream, Vanilla, and Chocolate.

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