Best CrossFit Shoes in 2016

A good workout depends on several factors. You need a good instructor by your side to train well. You need the right equipment too. What you eat and drink before or after each training session also determines the success of your efforts. The issue of shoes isn’t something that attracts a lot of attention. Most people would rather put on the nearest sneakers and make their way to the gym to begin training. However, anybody who is serious with gym time needs to invest in the best CrossFit shoes. Investing in these types of shoes is crucial for anybody who does CrossFit training more than once each week.

What are Crossfitt shoes?

In simple terms, CrossFit shoes are a type of footwear you need when training CrossFit. A good shoe is one that gives you proper stability. The shoe must also provide the comfort and cushion you need while sprinting. Otherwise, you will only increase your chances of spraining your ankle, which would be terrible news if you’re training for a special event or competition. The shoes protect your feet while you train. They ensure that you can move well while training. The shoe gives you the balance and ability to stay grounded when lifting weights or doing any other type of CrossFit training.

What to look for

CrossFit trainees and trainers alike have to know what to look for when choosing the best shoes for CrossFit. Whether you are a man or woman, what you cannot afford to do is choose your shoes haphazardly. Remember, CrossFit is one of the most intense and demanding training or fitness programs. A complete CrossFit training program features lots of running and weightlifting coupled with a huge variety of gymnastic work and plenty of body weight movement. Therefore, a bit of caution and plenty of research is necessary to ensure that you select only shoes capable of making your life comfortable while taking part in CrossFit training.


This review is the result of plenty of research to ensure that you get as much information as is necessary to choose the best CrossFit shoes. Choosing these types of shoes depends on how much workout you desire to do. The shoes listed here last longer than others. The shoes give you plenty of support, cushion, and stability when training. The types of shoes that you select depends on the nature of the workout, you are about to start doing as part of CrossFit training. This list examines shoes based on style and fit. At the end of this review, you should have no doubt in your mind about spending money on any of these CrossFit shoes.

5) Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0 for Men

This synthetic shoe comes with rubber soles. The shoe’s anatomical design makes it ideal for weightlifting as well as quick cuts while training. The upper part of the shoe is durable and infused with Kevlar to give you the support and protection needed to train intensely as CrossFit training demands. The shoe comes with a freshly re-engineered shape, which makes it a better fit than ever before. The contoured heel counter is a new addition to increasing the comfort, support, and protection required for CrossFit training. This shoe gives you extra defense against all forms of midsole abrasion, which is common in this type of training.

4) Nike Metcon 2 for Men

This meshed, imported shoe has rubber soles. It’s a sneaker-inspired shoe that has proven highly effective in CrossFit training.  They are ideal for intense workout sessions that feature heavy lifting, sprints, flexibility work and climbs. The Flywire technology used on the mid-foot ensures that your foot remains locked in place at all times. The midsole, which is made of dual-density foam, gives you the cushioning as well as long lasting support needed until you finish each CrossFit session. The shoes not only have flat, but also a stable platform that’s perfect when doing explosive lifts. The shoe’s zero-drag heel makes it great at supporting your handstand pushups.

3) Nike Free 5.0 V6 for Men

These shoes are available in different colors; gray, black, white and volt. With its Flywire technology, the shoe wraps perfectly around the foot, thus locking it in place to provide the level of support that is needed for the duration of your workouts. Locking your foot in place is mandatory when you begin doing dynamic lateral movements. The low-profile midsole that is made of Phylite is sufficiently sturdy and durable to act as an outsole. The sockliner is not only minimal, but also molded to mimic the foot’s curvature and give it extra support. The rounded anatomical heel on the shoe enables rolling with the ground.

2) Inov-8 Bare XF 210 for Men

The shoe is available in three colors; namely, thyme, black and orange. It’s made of synthetic textile. The shoe comes with a standard fit and fitted with synthetic sole. The British company, Inov-8, has designed these shoes specifically for off-road running. These are some of the most flexible footwear and lightest weight shoes for CrossFit training you will ever find in the market. The shoes are designed in a manner that makes them capable of complementing the human foot’s natural functions. The shoes’ design is perfect for any type of terrain or environment. What is more, they guarantee you peak performance all the time.

1) New Balance MX20v4 for Men

This synthetic shoe is the best for CrossFit training. With its synthetic sole and durable Vibram outsole, you can look forward an intense CrossFit training every time you wear these shoes. The shoes show that the manufacturer did everything to help you achieve your CrossFit training goals. The shoes are designed to fit the human feet perfectly. The shoe is wide enough to fit people with all shapes and sizes of feet. The shoes are light enough to enable you to participate in CrossFit training without any discernible level of pain or discomfort. Moreover, with its minimal design, the shoe is surprisingly attractive. They are perfect to wear as casual or trail shoes.

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