Best Powerlifting & WeightLifting Shoes of 2016

If you’re into powerlifting or weightlifting, one of the things you should be concerned with is what type of shoes you wear during your routines and lifting competitions. If you ask any seasoned athlete in this field, they will tell you that wearing the right type of shoes is critical. And when talking about the right shoes, we are talking about weightlifting shoes or powerlifting shoes. These types of shoes can have a great impact on your performance, stance and safety. That said, the big question now is, which are the best weight lifting shoes or the best powerlifting shoes out there? In this review, we will help you find that out.

What are powerlifting & olympic lifting shoes?

First, let’s address what powerlifting or weight lifting shoes are. These are special performance shoes designed for use when undertaking weight lifting or powerlifting exercises. They are different from running shoes or any other type of sports shoes you may have.

The main reason why anyone should use these shoes when lifting is because these shoes will help you in a number of ways. One, they will give you the stability you need so that you get maximum traction on your feet. Two, these shoes will allow you to generate torque all the way from your feet as opposed to compressing it. So, with these benefits on your side when lifting, you can lift better, easier, and safer.

What to look for?

With that said, how does one tell which are the best Olympic lifting shoes? This is an interesting question because to the amateur lifter; the differences might not be very visible. However, we’ll give you all the tips to identify the winning lifting shoe.

The sole: A good lifting shoe should have a sole that lets you generate power from the ground-up as opposed to absorbing the force. That means the sole should be solid. A squishy sole will only subtract from your ground power and thus limit how much force you eventually get around your arms.

The heel: Lifting shoes should have a heel that is slightly raised. This helps to put you in a better angle when lifting or squatting. With a raised heel, you will assume a position that allows you to propel more force upward and forwards, compared to a flat heeled shoe.

Comfort: Lastly, check for comfort. You want a show that you can walk around and lift hundreds of pounds in. Make sure that it’s well padded on the inside. Also, make sure that the laces and velcro straps allow you to get a good fit inside the shoe.

Review: Best Olympic & Powerlifting  Shoes of 2016

5) Inov-8 Men’s FastLift 370 BOA Cross-Training Shoe

The Inov 8 is one of weightlifting favorites. The 370 BOA is not bad at all. It has a great design that is appealing and stylish. The shoe has a rubber sole that guarantees stability when lifting. Its 16.5mm heel offers a comfortable pose and position even when doing squats. The upper part of the shoe is made of breathable fabric, and the BOA dial allows you to adjust the fit to the very millimeter.

4) Inov-8 Men’s Fastlift 335 Weight-Lifting Shoe

The Inov 335 weightlifting shoes are almost as good as the 370, only that they’re a little bit better. Like the 370 BOA, they have a great design that is synonymous with Inov. However, that aside, the 335 model spots athletic laces and an upper ripstop that allows you to get a permanent fit when worn. The sole technology is borrowed from rock climbing rubber, so you get maximum stability on your feet. That, plus the Power Trussa stability technology used guaranteed maximum power generation when on your feet lifting.

3) Adidas Performance Adipower Weight-lifting Trainer Shoe

The Adipower trainer has a great design that is very sporty and much aligned with what the shoe is all about. The heel offers a three-quarter inch heel raise that provides excellent lifting launch. That flat base improves stability and distributes your weight all across the floor. The laces and the upper Velcro strap tie it all in by providing a snug fit even when walking.   

2) Adidas Performance Men’s Leistung.16 Cross-trainer Shoe

The Adidas Leistung has a synthetic build that makes it a very light shoe. Made for cross-training, this shoe has many applications as it can be used for Crossfit, weightlifting, and even power lifting. It has a 24.8mm raised heel that provides one of the best angles for squats and jerks. It also features a BOA micro-adjuster that ensures you get the exact fit you desire. The super-flat rubber base in turns offers excellent stability for all lifting applications.

1) Adidas Adipower Weight-lifting Shoes

The Adipower is well known among weightlifters and is the shoe of choice for many. This is undoubtedly the shoe to go for if you want serious performance when lifting. The Adipower has a weightlifting-engineered chassis that offers maximum support and durability. The super-flat rubber base in turns offers excellent stability for all lifting applications. It also has a breathable mesh that improves comfort even when worn for long hours. It ticks all the right places, and that is why we have rated it No.1 as the best powerlifting/weightlifting shoe of 2016.

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