Best Pre-Workout Supplements 2016 Review

It’s only normal for you to desire to get the most out of all your exercises. Nothing is as discouraging as spending hours, days and months of intense workouts only to see little to no progress. One of the tools you need to help you enjoy and benefit extensively from regular exercise is the best pre-workout supplement for 2016. The supplement puts your body in a great shape. It prepares your body for the exercise you’re just about to do. Otherwise, you might embark on the workout without the required energy levels, with reduced muscle power and while lacking the endurance or stamina needed to exercise properly.

What is pre-workout?

The best pre-workout supplement gives you the energy needed to perform your exercises well. It gives your muscles the power required for the exercise. It provides the body with the stamina needed for a proper workout. The ingredients they contain often include Creatine, Guarana, and caffeine among others. Without the supplements, your workout sessions would not be as supercharged as you desire. The ingredients found in the supplements ensure that you enjoy increased blood flow and heart rate. The ingredients increase your ability to stay focused on your exercises. They give you the tingle needed to perform your exercises optimally.

What to look for

First, you have to evaluate the reasons for needing the top pre-workout supplements. Some of them are renowned for providing the lift that you need for intense workouts. Next, you have to know what your body can handle. The market is full of some very powerful supplements that can knock you out if you’re inexperienced in exercises. Your lifestyle has to be one of the factors upon which you base your choice of supplements. For example, a person who works late at night would be making a huge mistake by choosing or using a pre-workout supplement that contains more than 300mgms of caffeine.


The following is a list of the best pre-workout supplement for 2016. The list is not based on pricing alone. It’s based on several factors that include the effectiveness of the supplement in preparing you for pre workout. The supplements appearing in this list are the ones that give you the maximum benefit by increasing blood flow, pumping more power into your muscles, and boosting your energy levels. The list is also based on the ingredients found in each top supplement. So, continue reading below to learn why each supplement is the best one for you in 2016.

5) Cellucor C4

This pre-workout supplement contains Creatine, Beta Alanine, and Nitric Acid. The other ingredients that it has include Niacin, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Calcium among others. It provides the energy needed to improve your performance during workouts significantly. It comes in different flavors, thus making it one of the best tasting pre-workout supplements in the market today. It is perfect for both men and women who desire to take their training to the next level. Cellucor C4 should be taken in 1-2 servings. It produces amazing results when taken 20-30 minutes prior to training.


This pre-workout supplement is ideal for men and women alike. It’s highly effective for people who wish to embark on weight loss programs. The supplement enables the body to burn more energy; thus, speeding up weight loss. It provides you with a smooth rush of energy. More importantly, it allows you to focus better without creating any jitters or crash. This top pre-workout product makes you more energetic while boosting your cognitive function as well as performance. The main ingredient in this supplement is Betaine Anhydrous and Agmatine Sulfate. For best results, take it in 30 servings.

3) The Curse

The Curse is a product of Cobra Labs. It’s one of the best pre-workout supplements primarily because it is ideal for anybody who needs to be extremely pumped up and focused on exercises. Its ultra-concentrated formula is rated first in the market today. It gives the users the supernatural power needed to unleash their true potential. Containing an unimaginable combination of stimulants, it is little wonder that the supplement is highly valued for the extreme mental focus it provides. In addition to this, it guarantees the user pure physical strength coupled with incredible strength as well as endurance required to excel in pre-workout.

2) Pre-Kaged

This supplement is the product of Kaged Muscle. The all-in-one drink is a premium supplement that has proved perfect for pre-workout. It provides the energy, mental strength and focus as well as the endurance needed for pre-workout. What is more, the supplement produces amazing results for people interested in weight loss. Some of its contents include Valine, Isoleucine, Leucine, patented Capsimax and Pure L-Citrulline. It also contains Creatine, which is highly effective in providing the strength and power required for intense workouts. The user only needs 15-20 minutes after consuming it to begin experiencing amazing effects.

1) Assault

This supplement from Muscle Pharm ranks first because of many factors. It is the best lactic acid buffer and anti-fatigue supplement for athletes who value pre-workout. Its formulation is second to none regarding being complete and the most advanced. It gives athletes explosive energy for pre-workout, but without the crash. It’s free of artificial dyes or filler fluff. Its 5-stage delivery system guarantees splendid results for any athlete who wants to build size, increase energy, boost mental focus, enhance strength and improve endurance. It fuels the body using some of the most highly advanced ingredients, thus giving the athlete power to dominate pre-workout.

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