The Best Wrist Wraps Review of 2016

If you usually participate in lifting exercises, then you understand just how important getting the top wrist wraps can be to an athlete. Today, most of the athletes involved in Crossfit, weightlifting or powerlifting may also want to use crossfit wrist wraps. Indeed, these little accessories are so common today that it’s almost impossible to undertake high-intensity lifting without them. However, not all of them get the job done. So to avoid you wasting your money or compromising your form by wearing the wrong wraps, we have compiled a review of the top wrist straps of 2016.

Guide To The Top Wraps

What Are Wrist Wraps?

If you’re a newbie in weight lifting or Crossfit, it’s okay if you do not know what wraps are. As the name suggests, they’re wraps worn around the wrists when lifting heavy weights. Like most other athlete accessories, their use is to help you enjoy extra support around the joints or other weak areas of the body. In this case, wraps provide additional support to the wrist joints and muscles when lifting heavy weights. This prevents spraining or straining of the joints/muscles or tendons around the area. The benefits are obvious; you get to avoid injuring your wrist joints, and you get to lift heavier weight thanks to the extra support you get.

What to look for when buying weight lifting & powerlifting wraps

As mentioned earlier, wraps are quite common today. Any gym you walk into you’ll find dozens of athletes wearing them. However, not all are good. The key, therefore, is to know what to look out for in order to get the best wraps.

Comfort: When participating in high-intensity workouts, the last thing you need is an accessory that is either taking away your attention or is limiting your focus. Whether you’re going for Crossfit wraps, wrist straps for lifting, weightlifting wrist straps or powerlifting wrist straps, make sure that they’re comfortable around your arm. Wraps with a padded inner lining are the most comfortable.

Size: Another important quality to check for is size. Most wraps have a wide Velcro strap that will allow an adjustable fit on almost any wrist. However, test the fit first yourself. You want to be sure that your piece will fit around the wrist joint without slipping down when in use; that would put you at risk of strains and sprains injury.

The thumb strap: You will notice that some wraps have a strap that goes around the thumb, kind of like a wrist strap. This strap is a great plus because it helps to guarantee that the wrap is held in place at all times. The thumb loop also helps one to attach the wrap fast enough without struggling to keep the wrap in place.

Review: Top wrist straps of 2016

4) GASP Hardcore Wraps

This wrist wrap is made with heavy workouts and hardcore performance in mind. It’s 80% cotton and 20% rubber. It has a strong Velcro that guarantees a good fit. The four orange lines maximize elasticity, so your wrap stays tight and in place. However, the GASP Hardcore wrist wrap is best for the seasoned athletes already into heavy lifting and preferably those who are a little bit used to using wraps.

3) Harbinger Humanx Red Line

This is yet another good wrist wrap from a seasoned brand in the market. The Humanx Red Line offers 18” of strap with a good attachment for both medium and heavy use. It’s light and very easy to use. It also has a thumb loop for faster attachment. The only downside is that the Velcro is thin and needs some careful attachment when wearing otherwise it might not attach well. Overall, it’s a good wrap for general weight lifting.

2) Essential Fitness Crossfit Wraps

Essential Fitness is a top brand in athlete wear, and this pair of wraps provides excellent wrist support. Because it’s designed for Crossfit applications, it has a very comfortable and heavily padded design that allows one to wear it for long hours without feeling the pinch from the elasticity. Besides that, it can also be used for non-Crossfit uses as well, so you get 2-in-1 applications.

1) Essential Fitness Wraps

Essential fitness wraps are easily the top wrist straps on the market in 2016. For one, they have a great design that makes any athlete stand out in the gym or performance floor. Secondly, they are very comfortable, better than any other wrap on this list. That’s because they have a thick padding all around which not only provides extra cushioning but also helps to absorb sweat as well. This allows the athlete to concentrate on the lifting without readjusting the wrap. And finally, they have a 40% elasticity which guarantees a fit like no other.

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